7 Best Meeting Scheduling Apps for Freelancers in 2024

Young business woman having a meeting online and waving to her client

Being your own boss has its benefits. First, you set your own schedules. Second, you choose which projects to take on. And third, you can work from wherever you want. However, there are some challenges, especially when it comes to scheduling meetings with new and existing clients. Since you’re no longer at a nine-to-five job,…

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7 Best Social Media Management Tools for Freelancers in 2023

Social media manager working on Facebook on laptop while holding mobile phone with social open.

Social media has become an essential part of modern life, and for businesses, it’s a critical component of their marketing strategy. As a freelancer, managing multiple social media accounts can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t have a dedicated social media team. However, with the right social media management tools, you can streamline…

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