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Using Monday Sales CRM to Grow Your Freelance Writing Business

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If you’re a freelance writer or editor, you know what a pain it is to manage leads. You have to keep track of all the emails and phone calls you get, as well as all the follow-up information for these potential clients. It can be hard to keep everything, which makes it difficult for you to stay on top of things. If only there was a way to organize all this information! Well, guess what? There is! Monday CRM is an awesome tool that helps you organize your leads and make sure they don’t fall through the cracks.

What Is CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, which can cover anything from how you communicate with your customers to using dedicated software systems to keep track of everything. We’re going to focus on the latter – software systems that help businesses manage their customers. CRM technology and solutions can be used by businesses of all sizes – from small, independent endeavors to large corporations – to manage sales and marketing activities, including the following:

  • Tracking leads generated by your marketing efforts (such as advertising campaigns)
  • Keeping track of customer service requests and issues so you can resolve them quickly
  • Recording important details about each customer so you know where they came from and how much money they spent with your company

What Is Monday?

Monday is a cloud-based sales CRM for freelance writers, editors, consultants, and small businesses. It’s an app that lets you track details about each of your customers, including:

  • What they’ve purchased from you in the past
  • Which products/services they’ve been interested in
  • When their next project starts
  • What updates need to be made on the project before it’s finished (if any), etc.

Having this information will ensure there aren’t any surprises when it comes time for payment or delivery. If you’re looking to grow your freelance writing business or build a better relationship with your clients, this tool can help you do that.

Monday Sales CRM business management options

How Does Monday Sales CRM Help Your Business?

Monday CRM is an essential tool to have if you’re running a business. It helps with every part of your business, from lead generation and tracking sales, to forecasting future sales and managing your team. It can also help manage your time so that you can be more productive and focus on what’s important.

If you’re a freelancer, time management is one of the biggest challenges you face. As a self-employed writer or editor, you have to juggle multiple clients, projects, and deadlines – all while trying to stay organized and grow your business. You may have multiple projects going at once, and keeping tabs on deadlines and budgets is a full-time job in itself.

Monday Sales CRM can help you keep track of all your clients in one place so that you can focus more time on doing what it takes to succeed as a freelance writer: writing.

Can’t I Use Excel, Word, or Google Sheets to Manage My Leads?

Yes, you can. But it won’t be nearly as effective or efficient as using a dedicated CRM, for two main reasons:

You can’t schedule follow-up emails:

CRM software lets you utilize the power of email marketing and schedule email follow-ups based on the stage of the sales process. You don’t have to manually send out emails and waste time remembering who needs what when because the CRM tool does it for you automatically and in a more professional way than if you had sent them yourself.

You can’t track your sales process:

When someone fills out a lead form on your website or signs up for your newsletter, they go into something called an “opportunity” in a CRM like Monday. An “opportunity” is defined as someone who has indicated some interest in working with you. The opportunity then gets assigned to someone within that company so they know who is interested in working with them and have their contact info readily available at all times so they know where things stand with those prospects or clients.

Using Monday Sales CRM will help you save time and money and increase your revenue.

What Are Some of the Features of Monday CRM?

Monday Sales CRM has a few features that make it perfect for freelance writers and editors. It’s got a lead management system, which helps you keep track of your leads, create and track tasks, set up reminders, and communicate with your contacts.

It also provides account management tools so you can see all of the projects you’re working on in one place. So, if someone wants to get an estimate from you at 3 pm on Thursday, they can! Monday makes it easy to see what’s coming up next week and plan accordingly. In addition to that functionality, Monday has sales forecasting and operations capabilities that help businesses run more efficiently by streamlining processes like quoting new customers or invoicing others who have already purchased services from you (like monthly payment plans).

These features will save time while making sure everything gets done properly every time without fail. This is especially important when running a business as part of someone else’s team (like through an agency model).

How Much Does It Cost?

Monday Sales CRM has several different tiers based on individual needs, available for either a monthly or annual subscription. There’s also a 14-day free trial.

Tiers range anywhere from the Basic plan which is $30 per month when billed annually, all the way to the Enterprise tier designed for large enterprises and corporations.

Monday Is an Awesome Sales CRM System!

The perks:

  • Cloud-based so you can access it anywhere, on any device
  • It’s super easy to use, and the design is beautiful (and customizable)
  • You’ll love how affordable it is!

The CRM tech market is huge and there are a lot of options out there. But if you’re looking for something simple and easy to use, Monday is your best bet. Its user-friendly interface makes it perfect for freelancers or small businesses who don’t have time to spend learning complicated software packages. Plus, the price tag on this tool is practically nothing compared with other similar CRM software systems!

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