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How to Create a Countdown Timer Popup for Sales Growth

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The holiday season is here and it marks the beginning of shopping sprees all over the world! But shopping isn’t limited to goods only. Soon, clients will be looking for skilled writers who can craft appealing holiday pieces, reports, and ads for their eCommerce stores, etc. If you have a personal website offering writing services, this is the perfect time to find out how to create a countdown timer popup for your promotional offers or launch of new services.

Why You Need to Know How to Create a Countdown Timer Popup

Since everyone is in a rush to find the perfect writing services, why not crank up the pressure and create a sense of urgency? If you know how to create a countdown timer popup for your site, you’ll have an excellent tactic proven to attract potential clients.

To compete with all the other freelance writers online today, it’s not about engaging in a ‘pick me’ contest. Instead, you should prompt customers to opt for your services immediately. And that’s why you need a countdown timer popup.

Benefits of Creating a Countdown Timer Popup

Motivate Your Clients to Take Immediate Action

A countdown timer popup motivates potential clients to take immediate action because it operates under strict timelines.

As a freelance writer, you probably know that once a client exits your site, promising to come back later, their chances of returning are actually very low. According to an eCommerce research chart from MarketingSherpa, most businesses report that only a third of their visitors are returning clients.

Therefore, immediate action equals more sales or offers.

Know How to Create a Countdown Timer Popup for a Sense of Urgency

A countdown timer popup will make readers and clients feel like they need to opt in to the campaign, otherwise they’ll miss out on the limited offer. In other words, it creates FOMO, which is ideal for pushing sales. The statistics on urgency and scarcity indicate that the mere presence of a timer creates an 8.6 percent uptick in conversions.

How to Create a Countdown Timer Popup Using OptinMonster

A screenshot of the OptinMonster page about how to create a countdown timer popup

We’ll take you through seven easy steps on how to create a countdown timer popup using OptinMonster.

Step 1: Create a Floating Bar Optin

A floating bar is a campaign displayed at the top or bottom of your page which remains visible as clients scroll through your site.

  • Go to your OptinMonster dashboard
  • Click on the ‘Create Campaign’ button
  • Choose the ‘Countdown’ template
  • Click on ‘Use Template’
A screenshot showing how to select the correct template when creating a countdown timer popup

Now you need to enter the name of your floating bar campaign. As a writer, you know how to play around with words. Come up with a name that is enticing, hard to miss, but specific at the same time. The name you opt for should correspond with the time and date the campaign will appear on your site.

A screenshot showing how to name your countdown timer popup

After that, select the website(s) you want to load your campaign on from the drop-down menu. Click on the blue ‘Start Building’ button and let the fun begin!

Tip: Remember to frequently save when building your campaign to avoid losing your work.

Step 2: Change the Display Setting

The optin page’s default display settings will make the bar appear at the bottom of your screen. But a popup timer actually works best when displayed at the top of your screen.

A screenshot showing how to change the display settings

To change that, click on ‘Floating Settings’ in the left-hand side bar. Toggle the ‘Load Floating Bar at Top of Page?’. The countdown timer will now automatically appear at the top of your page.

A screenshot showing how to set the end date

Tip: The last thing you want to have is a crowded screen. So while you’re updating your settings you can go ahead and remove the ‘Display Powered by Link’ to save some screen space.

Step 3: Set End Date/Time

It’s time to edit your countdown timer popup. Start by clicking the countdown button in the live preview section. The editing tools will pop up on the left.

Set the Type to ‘Static’ using the drop-down menu. Then set the date you want your countdown to end and how you would like to display that information to your potential clients. For example, Days/Hours/Minutes/Seconds, etc.

Step 4: Design and Customize Your Time Popup

This is the most crucial step, but it’s also the easiest. When it comes to writing, it’s the little things that make the biggest difference. That’s why the fonts, colors, and general presentation of your countdown timer popup are really important if you want to impress your readers and clients.

To design and customize the content of your floating bar, you can adjust the color or style by simply clicking on the element you want to change. An editing panel will appear on the left for you to make the changes you want.

Step 5: Link to Your Email Service Provider

To collect your subscribers’ emails, you have to integrate your opt-in with your email service provider. OptinMonster integrates with a lot of providers such as Constant Contact, Mailchimp, MailerLite, MailPoet, Marketo, GetResponse, ActiveCampaign, and EmailOctopus.

To connect to your email service provider, click on the Integrations tab. Select ‘Add New Integration’ and choose your ‘Email Provider’ from the drop-down list.

A screenshot showing how to integrate your countdown timer popup with your email provider

Connect your email provider to OptinMonster, choose the email list you want users to subscribe to, and save your campaign.

Step 6: Adjust the Display Rules

At this point, the bigger picture is taking shape. Your countdown popup looks good. You’ve customized everything to suit your layout and preference. Now go ahead and set your display rules.

Click on the Display Rules tab. Set the date you want your floating bar to be launched. Remember, this information should correspond with your offer.

After that, set the audience that will view your floating bar. Adjust the URL path to cover the desired pages. For example, you can place it on one single page or the entire website.

Then click on the ‘Save’ button, and you’re good to go.

Step 7: It’s Time to Publish

Once everything is in place, the only thing left to do is publish your campaign. Click on the Publish tab and change the Status to ‘Live’. Save your work, and voila!

Tip: If you’re using WordPress, go to the dashboard and you’ll see a list of all your options. In case you’re having trouble locating the campaign you’ve created, click on ‘Refresh Campaign’, and it will appear instantly.

To succeed in the freelance writing world, you have to move with the digital marketing wave. Knowing how to create countdown timer popups is an efficient way to create a sense of urgency and boost your sales growth. You can use it on your clients and readers as they prepare for the busiest time of the year.

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