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5 SEO Tips for Your Next Blog Post

blog writing seo tipsSearch engine optimization is always important, even when you generate traffic in other ways. There are many SEO tips that can help rank your page organically and the better you do this, the more long-term regular traffic your website will continue to get.

So, how do you apply good SEO into your writing? It’s really not as complicated as you might think. Actually, the best basic SEO strategies can really be summed up in these five simple techniques…

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4 Tips to Write a Great Blog Post

tips to write a great blog post

It would be wonderful if we could sit down and create an entire blog post at full speed, the words flowing as fast as we can type them. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work that way.

Creating a great blog post is within your ability though, and here we’ll look at a few tips to help you write an engaging post every time.

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Are Women Better Writers Than Men?

women better writersWhile I’m about to go off on a long, seemingly pointless tangent, please bear with it and keep reading, as I promise, hand to heart, that what I am about to say, as flowery and unnecessarily descriptive as it may be, will make sense… eventually.

As a young female writer who has dreamed of being a novelist since childhood, when I would sit down at my white, antique desk with the worn silver knobs and telling dents that had been handed down to my mother from my great-grandmother, I have always been filled with a love of words. The way they dance across a page to capture the imaginations of the readers, the way they…

Okay, I can’t go on. Are you still with me?

That was excruciating. Here’s the point:

When it comes to developing plot and characters, women writers have been said to have a tendency to write long, drawn-out, excessively detailed descriptions that explain too much.

In short, women writers take forever to get to the point.

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