Halloween Quiz: Which Literary Monster Are You?

which literary monster are youJust in time for Halloween…

For all the literary nerds out there who grew up reading about Frankenstein’s monster, Dracula, Grendel, werewolves and every creepy creature in between, here’s a spooky little quiz for you.

Which literary monster best represents you? The team over at Grammarly have put together a few questions for you to find out which literary bad guy – or misunderstood miscreant – you’re most like!

I got the Werewolf! Who did you get?

Though the werewolf is a mythological creature who has appeared in tales for hundreds, if not thousands of years, you are most closely matched with the thirteenth century version from the epic poem “Guillaume de Palerne.” Here, the werewolf is a terrifying prince-turned-monster created by the sorcery of his own stepmother. But the werewolf’s loyalties remain with his family—he protects his cousin and his cousin’s beloved as they hide from persecution in a forest. Ultimately, the wolf-man takes revenge on his stepmother and breaks the curse.

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